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The Challenge

The challenge in redesigning their website was to convey not only the wide range of products they manufacture, but also the musicians, producers and artists who use them. The existing site showcased only the products, was not engaging, and felt more like a catalog. Whereas they wanted to convey the story behind the products, and especially the people who use them. The existing site also suffered from extremely high bounce rates, lack of engagement and unoptimized content which led to slow speeds and a bad user experience.

I came to realize that M-Audio had tremendous talent, content and resources, however they struggled to put it all together cohesively in a way that made sense to the end user.

The Solution

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I often like to ask clients, "What would it look like if we knocked this out of the park? What would you consider to be a home run?" In asking questions like these, I am able to get a better sense of what really matters to clients, as I only care about the results and goals they care about, and it is my job to meet and hopefully exceed them.

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I started from ground zero, always mindful to 'keep it simple'. I started by taking a deep dive into their current infrastructure; completing an in depth analysis of their current condition. From this discovery phase and through various discussions, I created a roadmap that highlighted all of the features, business goals, and expectations for the project.

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I also partnered with their designer and we came up with wireframes and mockups based upon the results of the roadmap and discovery phase. We also made use of their in house video team to better utilize all of the incredible video content they were producing, but the existing site was not taking advantage of.

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I maintained consistent communication, providing incremental updates along the way so everyone was on the same page. I also ensured to use best development practices, version control, testing and refactored the codebase frequently to keep things simple and optimized.

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Today M-Audio has a site with a vastly improved user experience and branding message. Product pages are sleek, exciting and are also better connected to related and relative content. Overall, the site now tells the message they want, in addition to higher user engagement, lower bounce rates and a superior mobile experience.